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Join Lee, Darren, Jim and Elton as they waffle, wonder and jabber on about film, geek news, video games and any other tangential rubbish that springs to mind. Before reviewing a movie from yesteryear removing either the Rose-Tinted Specs or a Shit-Covered Goggles, to see if the film was really as good (or bad) as popular opinion would have you believe.

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Jul 1, 2020

This week Elton has a few days off and Lee ruins it, Jims synth quest continues and he also spurs some retro gaming memories with Dune 2, Darren discovers Dead Cells and Will Ferrells Eurovision, while Lee finally finishes Alien Isolation, has an eye watering bill for an MOT and continues his daughters 80s movie education. 

Then after all that and some feedback, its on to this weeks film. Our first Nic Cage movie, so expect dodgy accents as we review the 2005 movie Lord of War