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Join Lee, Darren, Jim and Elton as they waffle, wonder and jabber on about film, geek news, video games and any other tangential rubbish that springs to mind. Before reviewing a movie from yesteryear removing either the Rose-Tinted Specs or a Shit-Covered Goggles, to see if the film was really as good (or bad) as popular opinion would have you believe.

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Feb 7, 2024

This week Jim Tastes History and watches What We Do In The Shadows, Elton is mocked by his Dentist and discovers X-Rays, Darren watches Argyle and Lee has some thoughts on Oppenheimer, Lift (aka Money Plane 2.0) and Nic Cage going off the scale in the small potboiler thriller Sympathy for the Devil. 

Then after a bit of feedback and in a desperate bid to not have to review this weeks movie a few rubbish life hackzzz we finally have to review this thing...

A movie Lee has waited since 1988 to watch, but now very much feels he has wasted his life watching...

Prison Ship Star Slammer aka Star Slammer: The Escape aka Star Slammer aka The Adventures of Taura Part 1: Prison Ship: Star Slammer

Whatever its called... Its an abomination.

Media discussed this week
Tasting History With Max Miller - YouTube
What We Do In The Shadows Season 5 - Disney+
Argyle - Theatrical Release
Forgive Me Father - PC / Steam
Oppenheimer - Amazon Prime (Rental)
Lift - Netflix
Sympathy for the Devil - Amazon Prime (Rental)
Star Slammer - Amazon Prime

"Boogie Party" and "Farting Around" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Theme to Prison Ship Star Slammer by Anthony Harris 
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