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Join Lee, Darren, Jim and Elton as they waffle, wonder and jabber on about film, geek news, video games and any other tangential rubbish that springs to mind. Before reviewing a movie from yesteryear removing either the Rose-Tinted Specs or a Shit-Covered Goggles, to see if the film was really as good (or bad) as popular opinion would have you believe.

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Mar 22, 2017

This week Elton gets a new job and Japanese speaking headphones, Jim gets spoofed on Skype and experiences the horror of Tescos, Darren watches Logan and Kong and Lee has a week so bad he can't even talk about it except for an exploding microphone and lack of tolerance for Mass Effect trolling. Then after that the guys move on to the Carry On Naked Space Vampire shenanigans of Lifeforce. Next week they take a different nostalgia trip revisiting the 1986 Transformers animated movie.